Purified Water Distribution System

    The Purified Water Storage and Distribution System is automated including normal service automation. The relevant operational data is transmitted to the system Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The complete system is thus controlled and interfaced by SCADA which continuously displays online product water quality data with a real time graphical display of all system operating conditions.

    Special Features
  • All components in contact with water are made from stainless steel AISI 31 6L.
  • Pump controlled by a frequency Converter for reliable continuous operation.
  • Instrumentation for the system controls, monitors and documents the performance of the critical equipments thus maintaining the required quantity of Purified Water.
  • PLC provided with printing facility, prints the minimum necessary parameters like Conductivity, Temperature, Alarms, Sanitization Cycle START, STOP with time and date. The scheme includes necessary controls and interlocks in the design to ensure safe working of the system.

Orbital Welding

The largest possible number of connections are done by Automatic TIG Orbital Welding without external filler wire.
Fusion Technology is used for wall thickness up to 2.5 mm maximum to weld Tube-Tube, Tube-Fitting, Pipe-Pipe, Pipe-Fittings even Fitting – Fitting and many other applications.
Orbital Welding Transformer (Inverter based control unit) is fully Automatic / Computerized where print out for Welding Parameters (Documentation) and Fine control can be done. Close head Orbital Welding is provided to get good quality of joints to avoid foreign contamination.

Boroscopy The Piping internal surface and weld joints are inspected by Boroscope. With the use of Boroscope, video recording of the weld joints (internal surface) is done and maintained as documentation for audit.